Flying Solo or Going it Alone

The idea to form our own theatre company sprung from doing similar work at other venues: The Caldwell Theatre Company, Flat Rock Playhouse & The Blowing Rock Stage Company. At these theatres we produced, directed and/or performed in a variety one-person plays.

Some of these plays were previously published, but most of were original and were written by the actor performing it. Many actors cited the need to spread their artistic wings as the main reason they decided to go it alone. Others just wanted to create work for themselves.

Whatever the reason, performing alone on stage ~ flying solo, without a net ~ is the ultimate challenge for any actor; both exhilarating and terrifying. The audience is often rewarded with a richly detailed performance that can be transcendent in its execution.

The first solo venture under our K2 banner was Silver Shadows: Dark Side of the Mountain, an original play about the legendary Frankie Silver. Silver Shadows (pictured above) was written and performed by Ms. Kay. More recently we produced Ernie Pyle: Here is My War which was written and performed by our good friend, Dan Leonard.

Plans for future adventures include: Clarence Darrow by David W. Rintels, The Belle of Amherst by William Luce, and The Things They Carried adapted by Jim Stowell from Tim O’Brien’s bestselling novel about the Vietnam War.

See you in the theatre!

Kenneth Kay & Kim Cozort Kay

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